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Early Start Denver Model (ESDM)

Ruth has completed the Advanced Training in the Early Start Denver Model, and is now a Certified ESDM Consultant.

Developed by psychologists Geraldine Dawson, Ph.D. and Sally Rogers, Ph.D., the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is an early intervention program designed to promote language, learning, and engagement for young children 12-48 months of age with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ESDM is a relationship focused, play-based intervention that fuses behavioural and developmental principles into an integrated approach. The ESDM curriculum is designed to address all areas of the child’s development using teaching strategies that involve interpersonal exchange and positive affect, shared engagement with real-life materials and activities, increased adult responsiveness and sensitivity to child cues, and that focus on developing the child’s verbal and nonverbal communication skills. The approach is evidence based, supported by current and ongoing research, as detailed 
here. More information on ESDM can be found here.
Following the initial assessment a holistic set of targets will be set for the child. Parents/Carers should be able to commit to at least one session per week at our Centre, and additional sessions at the Centre and/or the home may be added as required. A parent/carer will observe and take part in the sessions, in order to develop skills and to support generalisation to the home and wider community. Parents/Carers may also choose for other significant adults in the child’s life to attend the sessions, for example Grandparents, Nannies or Tutors. It is imperative that the family are able to prioritise time to focus on the targets on a daily basis across the week in play based sessions and everyday routines with the child. 

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