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Our School Age Intervention Group

Our School Age Intervention Group is for children with social communication difficulties, including suspected or confirmed diagnoses of an Autistic Spectrum Condition. It is also suitable for children with mild/moderate learning difficulties who are currently awaiting specialist placement whilst in mainstream school.The group is led by Ruth Lo, Speech and Language Therapist, alongside an Occupational Therapist and support staff.  It aims to provide small group therapy for school aged children, focusing on the development of communication, social interaction, play, sensory and motor skills, within a positive environment where the children and their families feel safe, respected and understood. Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy intervention will be integrated across the session.  The morning will consist of a range of both adult and child led play based therapeutic activities, linked to a weekly topic, and delivered within a small group. These will include circle time, snack, indoor and outdoor play and soft play sessions.

Prior to joining the group, we would like to chat with you about your child’s needs, and ideally meet you both in person. We will then ask that you complete some forms, and will set targets for your child based on these, discussion with you, and our observations in the initial groups. Alternatively, if you would like us to complete an individual assessment of your child, with a report, prior to starting the group, information about these can be found here. Following the above each child will be provided with a holistic set of therapeutic targets which will then be addressed across the session, updated continually, and reviewed with parents on a six-weekly basis in the format of a summary report.

The group currently runs on Thursdays 10-12am in six week blocks during term times. The children currently attending the group are primarily in Key Stage One and Two. Parents are welcome to attend the group with their child but this is not compulsory. It may be possible to link group attendance with individual therapy sessions if desired.

Low Farm is registered as an Alternative Provision with Suffolk County Council. Given the age of children attending the group, and the legal requirement for full time education, is expected that the costs of group attendance will be met by either school or the Local Authority, through SEN funding, Education Health and Care Plans, or through the In Year Fair Access Panel (IYFAP). Parents should discuss this with their SENCO and/or their EHCP Coordinator. However, in the interim period where this is being resolved, it is possible for parents to privately fund attendance, which is then offered at a reduced rate.


Some parents and other professionals have also found attendance at our groups to be helpful in terms of providing an opportunity for an extended assessment of a child’s needs, in a more naturalistic setting and over a longer period than can typically be achieved in a clinic. Our reports have then been helpful towards decision making with the wider team, for example with regard to the possibility of a neurodevelopmental disorder. Recommendations are also made for further assessments and possible interventions needed following attendance at the group. 

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